iZeno SMS Module

For SugarCRM

Marketers no longer need to export and import of mobile numbers from CRM for sending SMS!

Customer service Increase responses rates for NPS/CSAT via SMS Survey invites!

iZeno SMS Module for SugarCRM empower Businesses, Enterprises and Government to interact with their customer via the SMS channel from their CRM.

This module supports customers using all editions of Sugar 7.x and Sugar 6.x.

Key Used Case for

Outbound SMS

  • Send out SMS when high priority cases is created.
  • Send out SMS as reminder for appointments or before an event.
  • Send out SMS to outbound sales person on the move so that they can call the customer/prospect at the shortest time.

Key Used Case for

Inbound SMS

  • Field engineers/technican to accept customer support cases on the move.
  • Voting/Polling/Surveys/Contest
  • Registration for events/open house
  • Sender ID (Mass SMS Send ID) or Individual Sender ID

SMS Packages and Pricing

Basic Edition

$300 USD/Year

  • Allow users to select own SMS gateway such as clickatel, RouteSMS etc.
  • Mail merge for SMS Template (Like email template)
  • Enable SMS sending for all modules like activities and storing logs of SMS history (like emails)
  • Select fields to be used for SMS module.
  • Supports unicode (tested for chinese, korean, japanese and Hebrew)
  • SMS credits to be purchased separately. See below for SMS pricing table.

Advanced Edition

$600 USD/Year

  • Features of Basic Editions Plus:
  • Enable SMS module to work with SugarCRM workflow management.*
  • Enable SMS module to work with SugarCRM Campaign management*
  • ​For 2-ways SMS, additional costs may apply (Please contact us for more details.)

*We assume that any scenarios of sending SMS triggered by workflow is by using SugarCRM Commerical edition (Professional and Enterprise edition workflow management module) or customer is writing their own custom logic hooks/scheduler.

*SMS does not supports SugarCRM Campaign and Workflow management deployment in Sugarondemand environment

Send SMS From List View

* Only working for Sugar 6.x.

Send SMS From Contact Details

Running a SMS Campaign

Editing SMS Template


Configuring SMS Module

How To Purchase?

Please use the below links to make purchases.

100 USD Worth of SMS credits

+5% Processing Fees

iZeno SMS Basic Edition

300 USD @ 12 months subscriptions

iZeno SMS Advanced Edition

600 USD @ 12 months subscription

Rates 1.JPG

SMS Credits Rates Table 1

Rates 2.JPG

SMS Credits Rates Table 2

Terms and Conditions

All fees included 5% charges for credit card payment via paypal.

By purchasing and installing iZeno SMS module for SugarCRM, customers have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. There are strictly no refunds of amount paid once you have made the purchase.
  2. All features and functions in the SMS module is as per documentation or based on as-is. Customer has accessed to full source code for the module and can modify it to meet their specific needs.
  3. Customer is not using the SMS module for any spamming and illegal activities.
  4. iZeno shall not be responsible or liable for the deletion, corruption, correction, destruction, damage, loss or failure to any of Customer’s Data. Customer shall not knowingly send or store spam, unlawful, infringing, obscene, or libelous material, or viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other harmful code, or data which violates the rights of any individual or entity established in any jurisdiction including, without limitation, medical information, credit card information or social security numbers, driver’s license or personal identification numbers or account numbers on or to the Service. Customer represents and warrants that it is in compliance with and will comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations with respect to any of Customer’s Data uploaded or submitted to the Service and its performance of its obligations under this Agreement. Customer will indemnify, defend and hold iZeno harmless from any claims, losses and causes of action arising out of or related to Customer’s breach of this Section.
  5. In no event shall iZeno be liable for loss of use, data or profits, or for any indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, regardless of the form of the action (breach of contract, tort or otherwise), even if the customer has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage.